Worst Pairings

These are 200 pairs of ingredients which are deemd to be better by themselves, rather than mixed together in a recipe.

Pairing Pairing index
arugula and saffron 0.83
ginger ale and red pepper 0.84
chive and hazelnut oil 0.85
cheese and vanilla ice cream 0.85
salmon and tahini 0.85
cream of tartar and parmigiano-reggiano 0.85
miso and red wine vinegar 0.85
coconut milk and grapefruit 0.85
basil and mahi mahi 0.86
seaweed and unsalted butter 0.86
corn syrup and tangerine 0.87
fresh rosemary and kidney beans 0.87
mustard and uncooked quinoa 0.87
canola oil and rutabaga 0.87
radish and watermelon 0.87
coconut oil and cream of tartar 0.87
hominy and turkey 0.87
radicchio and yogurt 0.87
fennel seed and snapper 0.87
cilantro and king crab 0.87
chickpea and cornmeal 0.88
bread crumbs and chive 0.88
chicory and vegetable oil 0.88
kale and kidney beans 0.88
lemon peel and radicchio 0.88
crab and mint 0.88
butternut squash and clam juice 0.88
hummus and thyme 0.88
coriander seed and snapper 0.88
corn syrup and kool-aid 0.88
cumin and lobster 0.88
all-purpose flour and dark rye flour 0.88
fish sauce and ground cinnamon 0.88
corn starch and sesame oil 0.88
bread crumbs and shallot 0.88
bread crumbs and nutmeg 0.88
brown sugar and uncooked quinoa 0.88
cumin and squid 0.88
corn starch and ginger 0.88
fennel seed and peanut 0.88
cumin and parmigiano-reggiano 0.88
paprika and star anise 0.88
coriander and grapefruit 0.89
ketchup and vermicelli 0.89
chorizo and squid 0.89
bread crumbs and thyme 0.89
gouda cheese and salsa 0.89
broth and squid 0.89
pork belly and sake 0.89
pistachio and romano cheese 0.89
lime juice and seaweed 0.89
marjoram and parmigiano-reggiano 0.89
anise seed and parsley 0.89
pear and turbinado sugar 0.89
catfish and honey 0.89
peppermint and raspberry 0.89
asian pear and cream 0.89
corn starch and soy sauce 0.89
lemon-lime and steak 0.89
marjoram and total 0.89
red wine and rutabaga 0.89
eggs and pork belly 0.89
apple and grapefruit juice 0.89
french bread and lemon peel 0.89
kale and steak 0.89
prepared horseradish and rosemary 0.89
lasagne and nutmeg 0.89
bread crumbs and parmigiano-reggiano 0.89
bacon and tofu 0.89
pasta and total 0.89
arugula and macaroni 0.89
fennel and veal 0.89
bread crumbs and white wine 0.89
cayenne pepper and radicchio 0.89
kidney beans and sage 0.89
broth and pumpkin pie spice 0.89
pumpkin seed and white pepper 0.9
bread crumbs and vinegar 0.9
coriander and total 0.9
caraway seed and chard 0.9
bread crumbs and canola oil 0.9
lasagne and white wine 0.9
lemon peel and puff pastry 0.9
fish sauce and kale 0.9
cornstarch and watermelon 0.9
coriander seed and crab 0.9
cheddar cheese and winter squash 0.9
fennel seed and fish sauce 0.9
blue crab and thyme 0.9
lettuce and parmigiano-reggiano 0.9
chestnut and grapeseed oil 0.9
bean and squid 0.9
grapefruit and scallop 0.9
clove and corn tortilla 0.9
red wine vinegar and tangerine 0.9
red wine vinegar and snapper 0.9
bulgur and tarragon 0.9
almond paste and walnut 0.9
cranberry and quince 0.9
vegetable oil and winter squash 0.9
brown rice flour and paprika 0.9
basil and mung bean 0.9
crab and fresh mint 0.9
marjoram and squid 0.9
dark rye flour and eggs 0.9
black-eyed pea and unsalted butter 0.9
cumin and hearts of palm 0.9
arugula and crab 0.9
mung bean and rice flour 0.9
balsamic vinegar and uncooked quinoa 0.9
buttermilk and grapefruit 0.9
shiitake and unsalted butter 0.9
garlic and hen-of-the-wood 0.9
orange juice and soybean 0.9
pistachio and scallop 0.9
split pea and unsalted butter 0.9
nectarine and tomato 0.9
apple and crab 0.9
herring and rye bread 0.9
chorizo and sage 0.9
fennel seed and horseradish 0.9
all-purpose flour and sweet pickle relish 0.9
cumin and endive 0.9
bay leaf and blue crab 0.9
coriander seed and tahini 0.9
radicchio and red wine 0.9
canola oil and snapper 0.9
lemon and seaweed 0.9
fennel seed and veal 0.9
sweet pickle relish and unsalted butter 0.9
lentil and pomegranate 0.9
black tea and vinegar 0.9
powdered sugar and star anise 0.9
coconut milk and miso 0.9
grapeseed oil and parmigiano-reggiano 0.9
hazelnut oil and parsley 0.9
king crab and unsalted butter 0.9
fish sauce and thyme 0.91
buttermilk and coriander seed 0.91
cauliflower and tamarind 0.91
cranberry and mashed sweet potato 0.91
italian bread and sage leaf 0.91
lime and total 0.91
noodle and total 0.91
all-purpose flour and kale 0.91
all-purpose flour and caviar 0.91
coconut milk and raspberry 0.91
bean and duck fat 0.91
roquefort cheese and thyme 0.91
chestnut and sweet potato 0.91
gouda cheese and spaghetti 0.91
bread crumbs and mushroom 0.91
red wine vinegar and tomatillo 0.91
kidney beans and romano cheese 0.91
sage leaf and semolina 0.91
carrot juice and unsalted butter 0.91
buckwheat and ground ginger 0.91
bread crumbs and spinach 0.91
brie cheese and lobster 0.91
cauliflower and salmon 0.91
miso and paprika 0.91
beef tenderloin and rosemary 0.91
bacon and rice flour 0.91
parmigiano-reggiano and thyme 0.91
bay leaf and vanilla extract 0.91
turbinado sugar and vanilla ice cream 0.91
lime and rice noodles 0.91
green bean and soybean 0.91
rice noodles and vegetable oil 0.91
clam juice and pine nut 0.91
crab and sweet potato 0.91
cabbage and lemon peel 0.91
eggs and pita 0.91
turnip and yogurt 0.91
dill and parmigiano-reggiano 0.91
fish sauce and unsalted butter 0.91
cabbage and tamarind 0.91
all-purpose flour and passion fruit 0.91
pork belly and vegetable oil 0.91
chestnut and maple syrup 0.91
dried parsley and tempeh 0.91
coriander and distilled vinegar 0.91
cider vinegar and quince 0.91
green chilies and halibut 0.91
coffee and corn tortilla 0.91
coriander and watermelon 0.91
chive and king crab 0.91
black pepper and ginger ale 0.91
cocoa powder and lime 0.91
mung bean and star anise 0.91
chicory and cider vinegar 0.91
parmigiano-reggiano and radicchio 0.91
cilantro and kale 0.91
grapeseed oil and rosemary 0.91
orange and persimmon 0.91
lobster and peanut oil 0.91
endive and pork 0.91
pork chop and rum 0.91
beef and tamarind 0.91
millet flour and vanilla extract 0.91