salted butter and steak

Pairing Index: 1.06. Great.

Recipe Recipe Rating Ingredients
Recipe Recipe Rating Ingredients
Al Roker's Steaks As Big As Your Head 4.7 black pepper, fresh rosemary, garlic, olive oil, orange, salted butter, steak
BBQ Sauce 4.9 apple, black pepper, brown sugar, cinnamon, cumin, garlic, ketchup, onion, salted butter, steak, worcestershire sauce
Easy Cube Steak 5.0 all-purpose flour, onion, paprika, salted butter, steak
Fillet Steak With Thyme & Garlic Crust 4.9 black pepper, fresh thyme, garlic, mustard, olive oil, salted butter, steak, white bread
Grilled T-Bone Steaks & Peppers 4.7 bell pepper, garlic, onion, salted butter, steak
Marinated Flank Steak With Blue Cheese Schmear 5.0 black pepper, blue cheese, fresh basil, fresh thyme, garlic, olive oil, prepared horseradish, salted butter, steak, worcestershire sauce
Uncle Charlie's Very Special Grilled Steaks 4.7 garlic, salted butter, steak, worcestershire sauce