radish and watermelon

Pairing Index: 0.87. HORRIBLE!

Recipe Recipe Rating Ingredients
Recipe Recipe Rating Ingredients
Chopped Veggie Salad with Watermelon and Feta Cheese 4.9 bell pepper, cheese, cucumber, fresh mint, olive oil, onion, oregano, radish, tomato, watermelon, yogurt
Sliced Radishes and Watercress on Buttered Ficelle 4.1 radish, unsalted butter, watermelon
Lemony Quinoa Salad with Shaved Vegetables 3.9 carrot, fennel, lemon, radish, vegetable oil, watermelon
Superfast Salt-and-Sugar Pickles 2.9 cucumber, radish, sugar, watermelon
Thai-Style Radish and Watermelon Salad 4.1 basil, fish sauce, ginger, lime juice, mint, radish, scallion, watermelon
Vegetable Rainbow Salad 3.5 beets, broccoli, carrot, cauliflower, honey, miso, olive oil, onion, pea, radish, sugar, sweet potato, vegetable oil, vinegar, watermelon