marjoram and wine

Pairing Index: 1.06. Great.

Recipe Recipe Rating Ingredients
Recipe Recipe Rating Ingredients
Carrabba's Chicken Marsala 5.0 black pepper, butter, chicken, chicken breast, cornstarch, cream, dried parsley, fresh parsley, garlic, garlic powder, marjoram, mushroom, olive oil, oregano, shallot, thyme, wine
Chicken Marsala 4.9 all-purpose flour, chicken, chicken breast, garlic, ground sage, margarine, marjoram, mushroom, parsley, thyme, wine
Chicken Marsala 4.8 black pepper, chicken, chicken breast, garlic powder, marjoram, mushroom, olive oil, scallion, wine
Chicken Mozzarella 4.9 bread, butter, chicken breast, eggs, marjoram, mozzarella, thyme, wine
German Rotkohl - Spiced Red Cabbage With Apples and Wine 5.0 apple, bacon, bay leaf, cabbage, cinnamon, clove, ginger, maple syrup, marjoram, masa, onion, red wine vinegar, wine
Meatballs and Sausage with Chianti Sauce 4.8 bay leaf, chicken, eggs, fresh parsley, garlic, italian bread, italian seasoning, marjoram, olive oil, onion, onion powder, oregano, pasta, pork, rosemary, sausage, thyme, tomato, wine
Olive Garden Chicken With Lemon Marjoram Sauce 4.9 black pepper, chicken breast, cream, eggs, fresh basil, fresh parsley, garlic, lemon, lemon juice, marjoram, olive oil, parsley, romano cheese, shallot, unsalted butter, wine
Provencal Terrine 4.5 black pepper, cardamom, chervil, chicken, fresh thyme, garlic, ground cinnamon, ground nutmeg, marjoram, pork, shallot, tarragon, white wine, wine
River's Copper River Chowder 4.8 bacon, basil, bay leaf, black pepper, butter, carrot, celery, dill, marjoram, milk, onion, potato, rosemary, salmon, scallion, thyme, wine
Smoked/Grilled Ultimate Flank Steak 4.8 black pepper, garlic, lemon pepper, marjoram, olive oil, steak, wine, worcestershire sauce
The Ultimate Flank Steak - the Original Recipe 4.8 black pepper, butter, garlic, lemon pepper, marjoram, olive oil, steak, wine, worcestershire sauce
Tomato Bredie 4.7 garlic, lamb, marjoram, olive oil, onion, potato, sugar, thyme, tomato, wine
Venison Chops With Mushroom Sauce 4.9 butter, cream, margarine, marjoram, mushroom, venison, wine