halibut and rosemary

Pairing Index: 1.08. Incredible!

Recipe Recipe Rating Ingredients
Recipe Recipe Rating Ingredients
10-Minute Baked Halibut With Garlic-Butter Sauce 4.9 garlic, halibut, lemon, lemon juice, olive oil, rosemary, unsalted butter
Andreas Viestad's Norwegian Baked Halibut With Herbs and Rosemar 4.7 bay leaf, butter, fresh parsley, fresh rosemary, fresh thyme, garlic, halibut, lemon, lemon juice, rosemary, white wine
Herb-crusted Halibut 4.8 caper, chicken, cornstarch, eggs, halibut, lemon juice, olive oil, parsley, rosemary, shallot, white wine
Olive-Oil Poached Halibut Nuggets With Garlic and Mint 4.8 black pepper, fresh mint, garlic, halibut, lemon juice, mint, olive oil, rosemary
Roasted Halibut With Lemons, Olives and Rosemary 5.0 halibut, lemon, olive oil, rosemary