green pepper and lobster

Pairing Index: 1.05. Great.

Recipe Recipe Rating Ingredients
Recipe Recipe Rating Ingredients
Angel Pasta with Lobster Sauce 4.9 bacon, cream, fresh basil, green pepper, lemon, lemon juice, lobster, mushroom, olive oil, onion, pasta, spinach, tomato, unsalted butter
Awesome Lobster Chowder 5.0 butter, celery, fresh parsley, green pepper, italian seasoning, lobster, milk, onion, potato, red pepper
Cioppino, Seafood Stew 5.0 basil, black pepper, garlic, green pepper, lemon, lobster, olive oil, onion, oregano, parsley, red wine, tomato
Crab Louis Salad 4.8 cream, eggs, green pepper, lemon juice, lobster, mayonnaise, scallion
Italian Style Monkfish Bake 4.6 celery, cheese, green pepper, lobster, onion, tomato
Lobster Quiche Kato Style 4.6 cheese, clam juice, cream, eggs, green pepper, lobster, milk, nutmeg, onion, red pepper
Mariscada En Recado (Shellfish Stew) 4.8 chicken, coconut milk, fresh parsley, green pepper, lemon, lime, lobster, olive oil, onion, red pepper, tomato
Shellfish Paella 4.8 chicken, crab, garlic, green pepper, lobster, pea, red pepper, rice, saffron, tomato, unsalted butter, white wine