gouda cheese and salsa

Pairing Index: 0.89. HORRIBLE!

Recipe Recipe Rating Ingredients
Recipe Recipe Rating Ingredients
Chicken Taquitos 3.8 barbecue sauce, black pepper, cheese, chicken, cream, cumin, garlic, gouda cheese, green chilies, onion, salsa, vegetable oil
Artichoke Fajitas 4.3 artichoke, bell pepper, brown rice, fat free sour cream, gouda cheese, onion, salsa
Southwestern Ham and Egg Skillet 4.5 butter, corn tortilla, cream, eggs, garlic powder, gouda cheese, ham, milk, red pepper, salsa, scallion, shallot
Vegetarian Artichoke Fajitas 3.7 artichoke, broth, cream, gouda cheese, green chilies, onion, salsa
Gourmet Hangover Omelet 4.3 bell pepper, cayenne pepper, cheese, chive, cream, eggs, fresh basil, fresh parsley, garlic, gouda cheese, onion, salsa, turkey, whiskey, worcestershire sauce
Bacon, Cheese and Jalapeno Tacos 3.9 bacon, cheese, corn tortilla, gouda cheese, salsa