fish sauce and thyme

Pairing Index: 0.91. Unspeakable!

Recipe Recipe Rating Ingredients
Recipe Recipe Rating Ingredients
Bee's Bodacious Butter 4.6 black pepper, butter, cheese, dried rosemary, fish sauce, garlic, hot sauce, mustard, paprika, soy sauce, thyme
Off the Hook Fried Fish Sandwich 5.0 all-purpose flour, black pepper, bread, caper, celery seed, eggs, fish sauce, flounder, hot sauce, lemon juice, mayonnaise, mustard, olive oil, onion, onion powder, paprika, rosemary, sage, tarragon, thyme, tomato, worcestershire sauce
Snapper with Linguine and Citrus Cream Sauce 4.1 all-purpose flour, basil, cream, fennel seed, fish sauce, garlic, lemon juice, lime juice, linguine pasta, olive oil, orange, shallot, snapper, thyme, tomato, vodka, worcestershire sauce
Baby Kale and Steak Salad 4.1 canola oil, cider vinegar, coconut, cucumber, fish sauce, garlic, kale, lime juice, onion, shallot, steak, thyme, tomato, unsalted butter
Beef Tenderloin with Aromatic Thai Spices 3.5 beef tenderloin, fish sauce, garlic, lime, olive oil, orange, rosemary, shallot, soy sauce, thyme, unsalted butter, vegetable oil
Chicken Breasts with Brown Butter-Chicken Vinaigrette 3.8 black pepper, chicken, chicken breast, chive, fish sauce, grapeseed oil, lemon, lemon juice, paprika, parsley, thyme, unsalted butter
Korean Chicken Soup 4.1 bay leaf, black pepper, carrot, celery, chicken, fish sauce, garlic, ginger, kimchi, mushroom, noodle, onion, parsley, sesame oil, thyme, tofu, vegetable oil
Wedge Salad with Sunflower Tahini and Ranch Dressing 3.8 buttermilk, cream, cucumber, dill, fish sauce, garlic powder, grapeseed oil, lemon juice, lettuce, marjoram, mayonnaise, mushroom, shallot, sunflower seed, thyme, vinegar
White Bean Soup with Cauliflower 3.9 all-purpose flour, bay leaf, cauliflower, cumin, fish sauce, garlic, lima bean, olive oil, shallot, thyme