dried parsley and summer squash

Pairing Index: 1.06. Great.

Recipe Recipe Rating Ingredients
Recipe Recipe Rating Ingredients
Autumn Leaves 4.9 basil, butter, cheese, chicken, cream, dried parsley, onion, rice, summer squash, tomato
Grilled Italian Sausage Veggies in Foil 5.0 bell pepper, dried parsley, garlic, mushroom, okra, olive oil, onion, oregano, paprika, sausage, summer squash, zucchini
Italian-Style Stuffed Zucchini Squash (Crock Pot) 4.9 basil, black pepper, brown rice, cheese, dried parsley, fresh basil, fresh parsley, garlic, mozzarella, onion, pine nut, red wine vinegar, summer squash, tomato
Marinated Veggie Beef Kabobs 4.8 dried parsley, garlic powder, green pepper, italian seasoning, olive oil, onion, red wine, sirloin steak, summer squash, tomato, worcestershire sauce, zucchini
Vegetable Linguine With Blue Cheese 4.7 basil, bell pepper, blue cheese, dried parsley, garlic, red wine vinegar, summer squash, tomato, zucchini