chive and dill seed

Pairing Index: 1.05. Great.

Recipe Recipe Rating Ingredients
Recipe Recipe Rating Ingredients
Cucumber in Sour Cream Salad 5.0 chive, cream, cucumber, dill seed, vinegar
Herb Garden Cheese Spread 4.7 caraway seed, chive, cream cheese, dill seed, fresh basil, garlic
Mashed Potato Spinach Casserole 5.0 butter, cheddar cheese, chive, cream, dill seed, milk, potato, spinach
Smoked Salmon in Vodka Cream Sauce 4.6 butter, caper, cheese, chive, cream, dill seed, fresh dill weed, milk, olive oil, onion, red pepper, salmon, tomato, vodka
The Incredible Edible Flower Salad With Fresh Herbs 4.7 arugula, black pepper, chervil, chive, dill, dill seed, fresh basil, garlic, honey, lettuce, mustard, olive oil, parsley, red wine vinegar, spinach