bread crumbs and thyme

Pairing Index: 0.89. HORRIBLE!

Recipe Recipe Rating Ingredients
Recipe Recipe Rating Ingredients
Herb Chicken with Panko-Pecan Crust 4.2 bread crumbs, buttermilk, chicken breast, dried parsley, olive oil, pecan, thyme
Spiced Panko Bread Crumbs 4.1 basil, black pepper, bread crumbs, ginger, thyme
Portabella Mushroom Roulade 4.5 bay leaf, bell pepper, black pepper, bread crumbs, carrot, garlic, leek, mushroom, olive oil, onion, potato, red wine, sherry, thyme, yam, zucchini
Spiced Panko Bread Crumbs 5.0 basil, black pepper, bread crumbs, chili powder, ginger, thyme
Tilapia Honduras Style 4.3 basil, bread crumbs, cumin, eggs, garlic, garlic powder, mustard, olive oil, onion, onion powder, oregano, paprika, thyme, white pepper
Asparagus with Watercress and Brown Butter Potatoes 3.6 all-purpose flour, bread crumbs, canola oil, chive, eggs, nutmeg, olive oil, parsley, potato, shallot, tarragon, thyme, tomato, unsalted butter, white wine
Baked Rice and Beans with White Veal Sausage 4.0 bacon, bay leaf, bean, black pepper, bread crumbs, carrot, celery, cream, garlic, onion, rice, sausage, thyme, unsalted butter, white pepper
Bean-and-Leek Cassoulet 4.0 bay leaf, bread crumbs, cranberry, leek, marjoram, mushroom, olive oil, thyme, unsalted butter
Catfish Po'Boys with Pickle Remoulade 4.2 all-purpose flour, bread crumbs, caper, catfish, cayenne pepper, celery, cornmeal, cumin, eggs, garlic, garlic powder, ground ginger, mayonnaise, mustard, onion powder, parsley, sage, shallot, sweet pickle relish, thyme, vegetable oil
Cauliflower Soup with Crispy Chorizo Bread Crumbs 3.7 bay leaf, black pepper, bread crumbs, cauliflower, chicken, chorizo, cream, garlic, onion, thyme, unsalted butter
Celery Root and Sweet Potato Gratin 3.9 apple, bacon, bread crumbs, celery, cheese, cream, garlic, milk, onion, sweet potato, thyme
Chicken Milanese with Sage-and-Lemon-Butter Sauce 3.5 black pepper, bread, bread crumbs, cayenne pepper, chicken, chicken breast, cream, eggs, lemon, lemon juice, parmigiano-reggiano, parsley, sage, shallot, thyme, unsalted butter, vegetable oil, white pepper, white wine
Creamed Edamame and Pearl Onions 3.9 bread crumbs, chicken, cornstarch, cream, onion, sugar, thyme, unsalted butter
Crunchy Baked Fennel 3.6 all-purpose flour, bread crumbs, fennel, garlic, olive oil, parmigiano-reggiano, parsley, shallot, thyme, unsalted butter, white wine
Falafel with Roasted Tomato and Yogurt Sauce 3.6 black pepper, bread, bread crumbs, cabbage, chickpea, cilantro, coriander, cumin, eggs, fennel, fresh mint, hot sauce, lemon juice, olive oil, parsley, thyme, tomato, vegetable oil, yogurt
Leek-and-Mushroom Croquettes 3.7 all-purpose flour, bread crumbs, eggs, leek, milk, mushroom, oregano, parmigiano-reggiano, thyme, unsalted butter, vegetable oil
Pork Schnitzel with Warm Potato Salad 3.6 all-purpose flour, bread crumbs, canola oil, eggs, garlic, parsley, pork chop, potato, sugar, thyme, white wine
Crispy Baked Scallops 3.5 black pepper, bread crumbs, cayenne pepper, chive, garlic, lemon, mustard, olive oil, parsley, scallop, thyme, unsalted butter