Best Pairings

These are 200 pairs of ingredients which are deemd to be better mixed together, rather than on their own in a recipe.

Pairing Pairing index
jalapeno and kidney beans 1.09
cod and pine nut 1.09
mango and snapper 1.09
flounder and hot sauce 1.09
cheddar cheese and snapper 1.08
pecan and star anise 1.08
barbecue sauce and curry powder 1.08
butternut squash and salted butter 1.08
halibut and rosemary 1.08
milk and poi 1.08
apple and hazelnut oil 1.08
celeriac and rosemary 1.08
clam juice and noodle 1.07
cayenne pepper and kidney beans 1.07
lima bean and macaroni 1.07
pumpkin seed and spelt 1.07
safflower oil and white wine 1.07
avocado and white hominy 1.07
chili powder and safflower oil 1.07
corned beef and rutabaga 1.07
cooked wild rice and sherry 1.07
caviar and cheese 1.07
grapeseed oil and radicchio 1.07
ground allspice and oyster 1.07
kale and saffron 1.07
mint and parsnip 1.07
asian pear and cilantro 1.07
ground beef and kidney beans 1.07
fresh spearmint and tomato 1.07
cherry and pomegranate juice 1.07
coriander seed and rice flour 1.07
pear and steak 1.07
blue cheese and chicken meat 1.07
chorizo and fennel 1.07
anise seed and black tea 1.07
bacon and cooked wild rice 1.07
flounder and onion powder 1.07
kale and walnut oil 1.07
avocado and caviar 1.07
radicchio and sunflower seed 1.07
corn tortilla and mahi mahi 1.07
duck fat and shallot 1.06
apricot and broccoli 1.06
lime and pimento 1.06
pimento and radish 1.06
mashed potato and savory 1.06
hot dog and poppy seed 1.06
wasabi and zucchini 1.06
red leaf lettuce and zucchini 1.06
cashew and safflower oil 1.06
horseradish and walnut 1.06
ground nutmeg and nectarine 1.06
chili pepper and white hominy 1.06
paprika and red leaf lettuce 1.06
apricot and caper 1.06
dried parsley and maple syrup 1.06
dill seed and turmeric 1.06
bread and pancake 1.06
marjoram and wine 1.06
ground cinnamon and oyster 1.06
lime juice and puff pastry 1.06
ground ginger and poultry seasoning 1.06
onion powder and saffron 1.06
ham and vodka 1.06
fennel and italian seasoning 1.06
coconut milk and romaine lettuce 1.06
nutmeg and walnut oil 1.06
halibut and salsa 1.06
camembert cheese and white wine 1.06
neufchatel cheese and unsalted butter 1.06
ketchup and total 1.06
salted butter and steak 1.06
fenugreek and ground allspice 1.06
fresh dill weed and lemon peel 1.06
unsweetened orange juice and vegetable oil 1.06
ground sage and maple syrup 1.06
caraway and cream 1.06
orange juice and papaya nectar 1.06
pear and sweetened condensed milk 1.06
red wine and sunflower oil 1.06
cornmeal and white bread 1.06
dried rosemary and rosemary 1.06
margarine and parmigiano-reggiano 1.06
dried parsley and summer squash 1.06
ground mace and wine 1.06
coconut cream and noodle 1.06
apple and lima bean 1.06
chicken breast and rye bread 1.06
oats and sourdough 1.06
radish and seaweed 1.06
arugula and pomegranate juice 1.06
dried parsley and scallion 1.06
burgundy wine and pea 1.06
broccoli and turnip 1.06
coriander and lard 1.06
dried parsley and lemon peel 1.06
olive and radicchio 1.06
cantaloupe and walnut 1.06
corn syrup and fresh parsley 1.06
oats and pasta 1.06
gin and tomato 1.06
scallion and tomato juice 1.06
mushroom and pasilla 1.06
barley and buckwheat 1.06
pesto and pistachio 1.06
cucumber and ground nutmeg 1.06
cream of tartar and kool-aid 1.06
carrot and spam 1.06
chive and pineapple juice 1.06
catsup and unsalted butter 1.06
cucumber and summer squash 1.06
colby cheese and white bread 1.06
cornstarch and millet flour 1.06
butternut squash and peanut 1.06
turbinado sugar and worcestershire sauce 1.06
cauliflower and rutabaga 1.06
corn tortilla and pasta 1.06
chocolate and life 1.06
oats and total 1.06
peanut and pine nut 1.06
blue cheese and dates 1.06
mint and pumpkin 1.06
jell-o and rum 1.06
biscuit and lemon peel 1.06
banana and liquid pectin 1.06
caviar and fresh parsley 1.06
almonds and cardamom 1.06
beef and celeriac 1.06
bulgur and red wine vinegar 1.06
ground sage and unsalted butter 1.06
artichoke and tofu 1.06
bamboo shoot and cauliflower 1.06
cantaloupe and nectarine 1.06
tonic water and vodka 1.06
cilantro and neufchatel cheese 1.06
red pepper and whipped cream 1.06
cucumber and saffron 1.05
dried marjoram and olive 1.05
fresh mint and mahi mahi 1.05
chive and dill seed 1.05
provolone cheese and yogurt 1.05
okra and tamarind 1.05
pancake and scallion 1.05
cider vinegar and veal 1.05
peanut butter and radish 1.05
caraway seed and dark rye flour 1.05
green pepper and lobster 1.05
ginger ale and steak 1.05
lemon peel and sourdough 1.05
liquid pectin and onion 1.05
caper and hearts of palm 1.05
chives and cream 1.05
curry powder and savory 1.05
pimento and yogurt 1.05
cashew and peach 1.05
sunflower seed and wasabi 1.05
tangerine and wine 1.05
dill seed and okra 1.05
cantaloupe and orange marmalade 1.05
dried rosemary and lemon peel 1.05
cumin and mahi mahi 1.05
fresh thyme and papaya 1.05
clam juice and coriander 1.05
macadamia and pear 1.05
dates and fresh mint 1.05
marjoram and salmon 1.05
nectarine and nutmeg 1.05
okra and rosemary 1.05
pomegranate juice and rum 1.05
cayenne pepper and honeydew 1.05
beer and rutabaga 1.05
kale and parsnip 1.05
blue cheese and pork chop 1.05
dried dill weed and unsalted butter 1.05
medjool dates and pomegranate 1.05
cinnamon and english muffin 1.05
fat free cream cheese and paprika 1.05
cayenne pepper and spelt 1.05
lemon peel and macadamia 1.05
lemon pepper and tofu 1.05
mashed potato and pork chop 1.05
sweet potato and tomato juice 1.05
caesar salad dressing and lemon 1.05
cashew and parsnip 1.05
horseradish and wheat bread 1.05
oyster and plum 1.05
dried dill weed and ground ginger 1.05
lime juice and white hominy 1.05
celery seed and provolone cheese 1.05
pizza crust and shallot 1.05
mint and pie crust 1.05
margarine and quince 1.05
dark rye flour and molasses 1.05
shredded parmesan cheese and yogurt 1.05
french bread and lemon pepper 1.05
masa and mung bean 1.05
apricot and avocado 1.05
canola oil and pasilla 1.05
salad dressing and tomato juice 1.05
potato flour and scallion 1.05