bell pepper and thousand island dressing

Pairing Index: 0.99. Ordinary.

Recipe Recipe Rating Ingredients
Recipe Recipe Rating Ingredients
Bean Fiesta Salad 4.7 bean, bell pepper, celery, cheese, cumin, onion, thousand island dressing
Confetti Wraps 4.7 bell pepper, carrot, cheese, cucumber, eggs, ham, onion, romaine lettuce, thousand island dressing, tomato, turkey
Green Pea Salad 4.5 bell pepper, celery, cheddar cheese, eggs, garlic powder, olive, onion, onion powder, pea, thousand island dressing
Light Shrimp Mold 4.7 bell pepper, celery, cream cheese, lemon juice, onion, red pepper, thousand island dressing, worcestershire sauce
Sausage, Pepper and Egg Heros 4.7 bell pepper, eggs, onion, sausage, thousand island dressing, tomato
Thousand Island and Cheddar Baked Cabbage 4.4 bell pepper, cabbage, cheddar cheese, margarine, milk, onion, thousand island dressing
Mormor's Randiga Salad 4.3 beets, bell pepper, carrot, cucumber, eggs, lettuce, thousand island dressing