bacon and rice flour

Pairing Index: 0.91. Unspeakable!

Recipe Recipe Rating Ingredients
Recipe Recipe Rating Ingredients
Crispy Skate with Cauliflower, Bacon, Capers, and Croutons 3.8 bacon, canola oil, caper, cauliflower, crouton, fresh thyme, lemon juice, rice flour, tarragon, tomato, wheat
Taro Root Cake (Woo Tul Gow) 4.3 bacon, mushroom, oyster, rice flour, scallop, taro, vegetable oil
Turnip Cake (Law Bock Gow) 3.8 bacon, mushroom, rice, rice flour, sugar, turnip
Grannydragon's Pumpkin and Bacon Soup 4.5 bacon, carrot, celery, chicken, curry powder, onion, pumpkin, rice flour, sunflower oil
Open Face Bacon Jam and Egg Sandwich #A1 5.0 bacon, black pepper, brown sugar, eggs, olive oil, onion, red pepper, rice flour, spinach, tomato, walnut
Hete Bliksem 4.6 bacon, bay leaf, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, cream, garlic, ground mace, ground nutmeg, honey, molasses, potato, rice flour, sugar, thyme, unsalted butter, vegetable oil
Saigon Crepes with Shrimp, Bacon and Scallions 3.8 bacon, coconut milk, rice flour, scallion, shallot, sugar, turmeric, vegetable oil
Vietnamese Oyster Pancake with Nuoc Cham 3.3 bacon, carrot, cilantro, eggs, fish sauce, lettuce, lime juice, mung bean, oyster, pork, rice flour, scallion, sugar, turmeric, vegetable oil