arugula and crab

Pairing Index: 0.9. Unspeakable!

Recipe Recipe Rating Ingredients
Recipe Recipe Rating Ingredients
Seafood Pasta with Lemon-Saffron Herb Dressing 3.8 arugula, caper, celery, crab, cream, dill, lemon, lemon juice, lettuce, macaroni, mayonnaise, olive oil, onion, saffron, sugar, tarragon
Asian Crab Cakes over Arugula With Wasabi Dressing 4.8 arugula, crab, eggs, ginger, light sour cream, mayonnaise, scallion, sesame oil, soy sauce, vinegar, wasabi, wheat bread
Crab Salad with Orange Spice Dressing 4.5 arugula, carrot, crab, ginger, ground ginger, mayonnaise, onion, orange, orange juice, soy sauce, spinach, sugar, tomato, vinegar
Curried Crab and Watermelon Salad with Arugula 3.0 apple, arugula, cilantro, crab, curry powder, lime juice, mayonnaise, mint, olive oil, onion, saffron, watermelon
Soft-Shell Crab Sandwiches with Pancetta and Remoulade 3.9 all-purpose flour, arugula, caper, crab, mayonnaise, mustard, olive oil, onion, tarragon, tomato, unsalted butter