About Food Pairs

What is this thing!?

What two ingredients go well together? That's what this website tries to illustrate, using a database of 623,630 recipes.

What's a "Recipe Rating"?

The Recipe Rating is simply the average rating from a group of users who voted on the particular recipe. These ratings are on a scale from 1 (the worst) to 5 (the best). To compare recipes from different origins, the original ratings are Bayesian weighted against the number of ratings, and then scaled to a 1-5 scoring system.

What's a "Pairing Index"?

Specifically, the Pairing Index is calculated using the average of all recipes with that pair of ingredients divided by the sum of half of the mean of all the recipes that contain either ingredient. Basically all pairs of foods can be quantified, and the ones that have a Pairing Index that deviate from the center can be labeled "bad" or "good":


The purpose of this Pairing Index is to determine how well a pair of ingredients is recieved in contrast to the individual ingredients in recipes by themselves. A Pairing Index that is greater than 1 indicates that the pair of ingredients works well in a recipe, better than on their own. A Pairing Index that is less than 1 indicates that the ingredients are better off by themselves, rather than together.

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