medjool dates and vanilla extract

Pairing Index: 0.94. Bad.

Recipe Recipe Rating Ingredients
Recipe Recipe Rating Ingredients
Caramel-Date Upside-Down Cake 4.0 brown sugar, buttermilk, eggs, lemon juice, medjool dates, sugar, unsalted butter, vanilla extract, whipped cream
Date Shake with Toasted Nuts (Majoon) 4.0 almond, banana, coconut, ground cinnamon, medjool dates, pistachio, sesame seed, vanilla extract, walnut, yogurt
Honey, Date, and Pecan Tart 4.1 eggs, honey, medjool dates, pecan, sugar, unsalted butter, vanilla extract, whipped cream
Oatmeal, Pecan, and Date Sticky Biscuits 4.4 brown sugar, buttermilk, corn syrup, ground cinnamon, medjool dates, oats, pecan, sugar, unsalted butter, vanilla extract, vegetable oil
Sticky Date and Almond Bread Pudding with Amaretto Zabaglione 4.0 almond, bread, eggs, ground nutmeg, medjool dates, powdered sugar, sugar, vanilla extract
Vanilla-Date Breakfast Smoothie 3.8 medjool dates, milk, vanilla extract, yogurt
Warm Sweet-Potato Pudding with Apples and Chestnuts 4.0 apple, apple juice, brown sugar, chestnut, cinnamon, cream, eggs, honey, medjool dates, milk, nutmeg, sugar, sweet potato, unsalted butter, vanilla extract, whipped cream
Almond Milk 4.9 almond, medjool dates, vanilla extract
Black & Blueberry Cobbler - No Cook, No Flours! 4.6 blackberry, blueberry, medjool dates, mint, pecan, vanilla extract
Cheese(Less) Cake (Raw Foods) 4.8 almond, cashew, coconut, coconut oil, dates, honey, lemon juice, medjool dates, strawberry, vanilla extract
Kate's Black Bean Brownies Sweetened With Medjool Dates 4.5 bean, butter, cocoa powder, eggs, medjool dates, vanilla extract
Vanilla Nut Nog (Raw Foods) 4.8 brazil nut, ground cinnamon, medjool dates, nutmeg, vanilla extract
Vegan Truffles - Toasted Coconut 4.4 almond, cocoa powder, coconut, medjool dates, vanilla extract
First Place Apricot-Date Bars 4.3 all-purpose flour, apricot, brown sugar, medjool dates, oats, shortening, vanilla extract
Mal's Maple Date Pecan Granola in the Slow Cooker 4.1 apple, brown sugar, ground cinnamon, maple syrup, medjool dates, oats, pecan, vanilla extract
Vegan Key Lime Pie 4.3 almond, avocado, coconut oil, ground nutmeg, lime juice, medjool dates, vanilla extract
Crisp Raw Apple Pie 4.2 apple, bean, cinnamon, clove, coconut, ground ginger, medjool dates, orange, pomegranate, vanilla extract, walnut
Date-and-Almond Fudge with Sesame and Coconut 3.7 almond, coconut oil, medjool dates, sesame seed, vanilla extract
Gluten-Free Chocolate-Chile Cakes 3.6 beets, cinnamon, cocoa powder, eggs, honey, medjool dates, red pepper, unsalted butter, vanilla extract, yogurt
Noel Balls 3.4 all-purpose flour, medjool dates, pecan, sugar, unsalted butter, vanilla extract
Nutty Toffee-Date Cake 4.2 all-purpose flour, brown sugar, cinnamon, corn syrup, cream, eggs, ground ginger, medjool dates, molasses, pecan, unsalted butter, vanilla extract, walnut
Peanut Butter-Oat Bites with Sea Salt and Cinnamon 3.6 ground cinnamon, lemon juice, maple syrup, medjool dates, oats, peanut, peanut butter, vanilla extract