cranberry and dates

Pairing Index: 1.0. Ordinary.

Recipe Recipe Rating Ingredients
Recipe Recipe Rating Ingredients
Baked Apples Stuffed With Cranberries and Almonds 4.8 almond, apple, butter, cardamom, cranberry, dates, honey, orange juice
Cake: Irish Tea Cake 4.5 banana, cranberry, dates, eggs, milk, raisin, sugar, walnut
Champagne Vinaigrette and Mixed Green Delight 4.8 cheese, cranberry, dates, fresh basil, honey, mustard, olive oil, pine nut, shallot, tomato, vinegar
Chicken With Saffron Jeweled Rice 4.6 almond, butter, cardamom, carrot, chicken, cinnamon, cranberry, cumin, dates, lime, onion, orange, pistachio, rice, saffron, sugar
Chocolate Surprise Drops 4.8 chocolate, coconut, cranberry, dates, peppermint, raisin
Cranberry and Caramel Date Bars 4.6 all-purpose flour, brown sugar, cranberry, cream, dates, margarine, oats, sugar, walnut
Cranberry Bundt Cake 5.0 all-purpose flour, butter, buttermilk, cranberry, dates, eggs, orange, pecan, sugar
Cranberry Date Bars 4.5 brown sugar, butter, cranberry, dates, oats, orange juice, powdered sugar
Cranberry Date Bars 4.8 all-purpose flour, brown sugar, butter, cranberry, dates, oats, orange juice, sugar, vanilla extract
Cranberry Fruit Chutney 4.8 apricot, cider vinegar, corn syrup, cranberry, dates, ginger, mustard seed, onion, orange juice, raisin, sugar
Cranberry Orange Loaf 4.2 buttermilk, canola oil, cranberry, dates, eggs, orange, orange juice, sugar, walnut
Cranberry Pudding Cake: 4.7 all-purpose flour, butter, cornstarch, cranberry, cream, dates, milk, nutmeg, raisin, shortening, sugar, walnut
Cranberry Sauce (Raw Food) 4.7 apple, cranberry, dates, orange
Date & Cranberry Paste 4.8 cranberry, dates, lemon juice
Dried Fruit Compote With Chevre 4.7 apricot, blueberry, cheese, cranberry, dates, fresh thyme, honey, lemon, lemon juice, olive oil, onion, raisin, white wine
Dried Fruit Fruitcake 4.6 all-purpose flour, almond, apple juice, apricot, cherry, cranberry, dates, eggs, ground cinnamon, ground nutmeg, raisin, sugar, unsalted butter
Fruit and Nut Zucchini Muffins 4.2 brown sugar, cinnamon, cranberry, dates, eggs, nutmeg, sunflower seed, zucchini
Fruity Energy Bar 4.5 apple, apricot, blueberry, cranberry, dates, honey, oats, pancake, peanut butter, raisin, sunflower seed
Granola Bars 4.5 almond, brown sugar, butter, cinnamon, coconut, cranberry, dates, eggs, honey, maple syrup, oats, sunflower seed, wheat
Granola Clusters 4.9 brown sugar, cranberry, dates, maple syrup, margarine, oats, raisin
Hakan's Fresh Fig Cake 4.8 all-purpose flour, cranberry, dates, eggs, raisin, sugar, vegetable oil, walnut
Modern Twist on Fruitcake W/ White Chocolate Cream Cheese Icing 4.5 butter, cherry, chocolate, cranberry, cream cheese, dates, eggs, lemon juice, milk, pecan, rum, sugar
Orange-Cranberry-Date Pumpkin Cake 4.8 all-purpose flour, brown sugar, butter, cardamom, chocolate, cranberry, dates, eggs, ginger, ground cinnamon, ground ginger, ground nutmeg, milk, neufchatel cheese, orange, orange juice, pecan, pumpkin, sugar, vegetable oil, wheat
Quinoa Granola Bars 4.3 almond, banana, coconut, cooked quinoa, cranberry, dates, honey, lemon juice, oats, raisin, sesame seed, sunflower seed, wheat
Rise 'n Shine Granola 4.7 almond, cinnamon, coconut, cranberry, dates, flax, oats, raisin, sesame seed, sunflower seed
Rutabaga Apple Salad 4.5 apple, carrot, cranberry, dates, lemon juice, rutabaga, sesame seed, tahini
Smoky-Sweet Bacon Cheese Spread 4.7 bacon, bagel, cheese, chili powder, cranberry, dates, eggs, mushroom, neufchatel cheese, olive, paprika, parsley
Snow-Capped Granola Bites 4.7 brown sugar, butter, cinnamon, coconut, corn syrup, cranberry, dates, nutmeg, oats, pecan, sunflower seed
Tasty Breakfast Granola 4.7 almond, apricot, brown sugar, cashew, coconut, cranberry, dates, honey, macadamia, oats, pecan, sunflower seed, vanilla extract, vegetable oil
The Best Cranberry Chutney 4.9 allspice, cinnamon, cranberry, dates, lemon, lemon juice, nutmeg, orange, orange juice, raisin, sugar, walnut
Very Cherry Larabar 4.5 almond, cinnamon, cranberry, dates, olive oil
Warm 'n' Fruity Breakfast Cereal 4.5 apple, apple juice, apricot, cranberry, dates, ground cinnamon, maple syrup, raisin, walnut
White Chocolate Fruit and Nut Truffles 4.8 coconut, cranberry, dates, ground cinnamon, ground ginger, ground nutmeg, honey, orange juice, walnut
White Christmas Cake 4.0 all-purpose flour, butter, cranberry, dates, eggs, orange, raisin, sugar, walnut
Wild Rice Salad 4.7 cashew, celery, chicken, cranberry, dates, garlic, lemon juice, mustard, olive oil, onion, pecan, raisin, red wine vinegar, sugar, vegetable oil, wild rice
Paleo Cashew Butter Cookies 4.4 almond, cashew, coconut oil, cranberry, dates, eggs, honey
Grandma's Cranberry Orange Cake 4.5 all-purpose flour, buttermilk, cranberry, dates, eggs, orange, orange juice, sugar, vegetable oil
Couscous Fruit Salad 4.3 cilantro, cranberry, dates, garlic, mango, olive oil, onion, peanut, pear, raisin
Cranberry Frost 4.2 apple, cranberry, cream, cream cheese, dates, orange, sugar, vanilla extract