carrot and turkey gravy

Pairing Index: 1.01. Ordinary.

Recipe Recipe Rating Ingredients
Recipe Recipe Rating Ingredients
Crock Pot Creamy Chicken Stew 4.6 carrot, chicken breast, mushroom, onion, pea, potato, turkey gravy
Crock Pot Turkey With Sage 4.8 all-purpose flour, carrot, garlic powder, potato, sage, turkey, turkey gravy, worcestershire sauce
Day After Thanksgiving Soup 4.8 carrot, celery, chicken, garlic, margarine, mushroom, noodle, onion, parsley, thyme, tomato juice, turkey, turkey gravy
Deep Dish Leftover Turkey Pot Pie 4.9 butter, carrot, celery, fresh parsley, garlic, mashed potato, milk, mushroom, onion, pea, pie crust, sage, turkey, turkey gravy
Easy, Quick ,Hot Turkey Sandwiches 4.7 butter, carrot, celery, french bread, onion, thyme, turkey, turkey gravy
Hearty Turkey and Vegetable Soup 4.7 black pepper, butter, carrot, celery, chicken, fresh parsley, garlic, mushroom, onion, potato, thyme, tomato, turkey, turkey gravy
Leftover Thanksgiving Soup 4.5 barley, butter, carrot, celery, chicken, cranberry, garlic powder, mashed potato, onion, thyme, turkey, turkey gravy
Open Faced Savory Hot Turkey Sandwiches 4.7 biscuit, carrot, celery, margarine, onion, poultry seasoning, turkey, turkey gravy
Smothered Turkey Wings 4.4 bay leaf, carrot, celery, garlic, onion, turkey, turkey gravy
Thanksgiving Turkey in a Crock Pot, With Sage and Bacon 4.6 all-purpose flour, bacon, carrot, garlic, potato, sage, turkey, turkey gravy, worcestershire sauce
Turkey and Dumplings 5.0 all-purpose flour, butter, carrot, chicken, garlic, milk, scallion, turkey, turkey gravy
Jenni's Turkey and Dressing Pie 4.0 bread, carrot, cheddar cheese, cranberry, cream of mushroom soup, green bean, turkey, turkey gravy, whole kernel corn
Gravy Stuffing Chicken Bake 4.3 carrot, chicken, chicken gravy, turkey gravy
Turkey Shepherd's Pie with Two-Potato Topping 3.7 carrot, celery, chive, eggs, mashed potato, mashed sweet potato, onion, parsley, sage, turkey, turkey gravy, unsalted butter