butter and king crab

Pairing Index: 1.04. Great.

Recipe Recipe Rating Ingredients
Recipe Recipe Rating Ingredients
Platter of Roasted Shellfish with Trio of Sauces 4.7 butter, king crab, lemon, lemon peel, lobster, olive oil, parsley, scallop, shallot
Crab Legs With Tequila-Citrus Butter 4.5 butter, king crab, lime, lime juice
Crabmeat Pudding 4.8 butter, cheddar cheese, dill, eggs, grated parmesan cheese, green pepper, king crab, mayonnaise, milk, mushroom, white bread
Crabs - Garlic Butter Baked Crab Legs 5.0 butter, dried parsley, garlic, king crab, lemon juice, lime juice, olive oil
Garlicky Crab With Pasta 4.8 butter, fresh parsley, garlic, king crab, spaghetti
King Crab Bisque 4.7 butter, celery, cream, fresh parsley, garlic, king crab, milk, olive oil, onion, paprika, sherry
King Crab Royal 4.7 butter, hot pepper sauce, king crab, lemon juice, onion, parsley, tarragon
Sea Farin' Portobellos 4.7 bread, butter, fresh parsley, king crab, lemon, mayonnaise, mushroom, red pepper
Simply the Best Crab Stuffed Mushrooms 4.8 bread, butter, celery, cheddar cheese, cream, king crab, lemon juice, mushroom, onion, thyme, white pepper, white wine
Tyler Florence's Veal Oscar with Bearnaise Sauce 4.8 black pepper, butter, chicken, eggs, king crab, lemon, olive oil, shallot, tarragon, vinegar, white wine
Garlic Crab Legs 4.6 butter, garlic, king crab, red pepper
Charleston Crab and Grits 4.3 bell pepper, butter, cheddar cheese, chicken, garlic, green chilies, king crab, olive oil, onion