butter and cheshire cheese

Pairing Index: 1.04. Great.

Recipe Recipe Rating Ingredients
Recipe Recipe Rating Ingredients
Australian Fish 4.8 butter, cheshire cheese, green pepper, lemon juice, mushroom, parsley, white wine
Golden Buck (Great Britain Zwt3) 4.5 beer, butter, cayenne pepper, cheshire cheese, eggs, lemon juice, mustard, worcestershire sauce
Northumberland Pan Haggerty - Vegetarian Cheese and Potato Bake 4.8 black pepper, butter, cheshire cheese, onion, potato
Ploughman's Soup 4.7 beer, butter, cheshire cheese, chicken, onion, scallion, wheat, worcestershire sauce
Steak Pie with Cheese Crust 5.0 beef, black pepper, butter, carrot, cheshire cheese, nutmeg, onion, rosemary, vegetable oil
Traditional English Pub Style Ploughman's Lunch 5.0 bread, butter, cheshire cheese, onion, tomato
Yorkshire Buck 4.8 bacon, butter, cheshire cheese, eggs, english muffin, mustard